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T1DF relies on donors like you to support our issue and case research and our public educational outreach. Our program work is accomplished through donated services and attorney-client relationships where law firms pursue T1DF cases on a contingency basis. T1DF accepts no funding from the pharmaceutical, medical device, pharmacy benefit management, or insurance industries.

Your gift brings us closer to the day when all U.S. people with type 1 and other insulin dependent diabetes will have full access to and needed accommodation in education, employment, and health care.

Is your donation tax-deductible?

The Type 1 Diabetes Defense Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit corporation, registered in the State of Oregon and registered with the IRS under tax ID 61-1811400. Please consult with your personal tax advisor as to the deductibility of your contribution. Tax laws may vary based on donor's residence and personal tax and income situation.

Disclosure statements

T1DF may be exempt from registration as a charitable organization in a number of states; in the states listed below, if T1DF registered or filed for an exemption, you can obtain information as indicated in the attached file.

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